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Display: will be off-line during the holiday season. As all the servers indexes will also be off-line, we will take the time to improve services such as downloading, and allowing searches for a wider variety of file types. Everyone on the mailing list will be notified when comes back on-line in January

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    Notes on downloading:  
    The download script has been re-worked. You are most likely to encounter errors with files that have wierd characters in their path.
    There is a help page available.
       Scour Download
      Be sure to rename the file!  
       Do it yourself Download Basics:  
      1. add a line to your C:\WINDOWS\LMHOSTS file.: 
      2. IP Address HOST  e.g. MYMACHINE
      3. Go to Start Menu .. Run, type in \\HOST, and you're connected. 

      Click here for more detailed directions.

      Do Nothing! ... it's that easy
      Scour Download: 
      Be sure to rename the file!